Grow Your Own Way

Grow Your Own Way is a small start-up grant fund for young Lake District farmers (up to 18 years old).

We want to support the younger members of our community. These small grants aim to contribute to passion projects that sit alongside the main farm business. A project that might be the start of their own farming career or that has potential to add an income stream to the main family farm. Perhaps a piece of equipment or training to get started to Grow Your Own Way.

We don't want to exclude young people that don't yet farm but would love to. If we can help in some way, please still apply.

This is the first year and the budget is based on the profits from Lake District Tweed, a business that's still in its infancy. But we hope as Lake District Tweed grows, the money available to support young farmers to Grow Their Own Way, will also grow. 

You can apply for up to £500. We have £1,500 available this year.

Apply here or email for an application form.

Applications close 31st August at midnight.

When you apply, you'll receive an acknowledgment email. If you haven't received an email within 24 hours, get in touch.

Terms and conditions:

- Applicant must be 18 years old or under (on 31st August 2024).

- Applicants must live within the Lake District National Park.

- You can apply as an individual or group.

- You must have appropriate consent where applicable to your application.

- This is about supporting the applicant's dream, not the main farm business.

- If filling in the form is tricky, you can send a video or voice notes, just make sure you cover all the questions asked in the form (email for a WhatsApp number to send video/voice note).

- Get in touch if you need any more information or support.

Apply here or email for an application form.