Borrowdale Throw - *Pre-order Borrowdale Throw - *Pre-order Borrowdale Throw - *Pre-order

Borrowdale Throw - *Pre-order


*The wool is being processed at the moment, but it's a slow process! Pre-order now for delivery Oct/Nov. 2024.

The inspiration for this design is from the The Bowder Stone. The Bowder Stone is a large andesite lava boulder, that fell 200 metres from the Bowder Crag on Kings How between 13,500 and 10,000 years ago. It is a popular tourist site and there has been a staircase allowing visitors to climb to the top since at least 1890.

The wool used is from mother and daughter farmers Sue Tyson and Rachel Willan who farm in Borrowdale at Dancing Gate Farm.

Dimensions: c. 150cm wide x 200cm long including fringing

Designed by Curlew Fabric Design.

Produced from 100% British wool from the Borrowdale valley. 

The wool is a mix of Clun Forest, Kerry Hill, Cheviot and Texel cross.

Designed and produced in the North West of England.

Wool is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

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