Ullswater Tweed - *Pre-order Ullswater Tweed - *Pre-order Ullswater Tweed - *Pre-order Ullswater Tweed - *Pre-order

Ullswater Tweed - *Pre-order


*The wool is being processed at the moment, but it's a slow process! The tweed should be back in stock by autumn 2024.

The Ullswater tweed takes its inspiration from the abundant meadow flowers achieved through the regenerative grazing system introduced on the Racy Ghyll farm.
The tweed design was simplified from the original design by the Lancs and Lakes Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.

The tweed is sold by the metre and is 150cm wide

The Herdwick and Swaledale wool used is from Racy Ghyll Farm, Ullswater.

Although James no longer keeps Swaledales, we had kept the last of his wool which was perfect for this project.

This tweed is now sold out. The next batch of wool will be collected in summer 2023 and hopefully back in stock spring 2024.

James's Herdwick will be blended with Candida and Sam's rare breed Whitefaced Woodland. Can and Sam Hodgson run Glencoyne Farm in Ullswater, one of the largest Lake District National Trust Farms. 

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